Google Analytics has been hitting the books hard lately! They’ve been making interface changes (and they aren’t done yet), as well as integrating new features in to the most recent version of the Analytics dashboard. All of those changes have somehow made your Analytics life easier when it comes to viewing data about what has been happening on your site, however today’s update takes all of that one step further: ladies and gentlemen, Google Analytics Real-Time!

There is no denying that having the ability to see current, real-time action from your website takes the PPC game to a whole new level. Asking yourself how? I thought you might…

  • Instant measurement of social media push: did your most recent Facebook post push a huge amount of traffic to your site? Time to step up your social media game!
  • Test campaign tracking: save yourself some time and test out your conversion tracking on your site in current time before you send the traffic source out to your customer base!

On the PPC side of things, it will be interesting to compare traffic right before and after uploading new campaigns or expanding a keyword list. There is one little catch: you have to pull the trigger and finally switch over to the new version of Analytics, if you haven’t already. You can find these Real-Time reports in the Dashboards tab of the new Analytics and will only be able to access them if you have Administrator level access to your account.

This update has been released on a limited basis (you can sign-up for early access here), but should be available across the board in coming weeks.

So how else will you use the new Real-Time reports once you have access? Share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments section!

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