We all know that responsive search ads (RSAs) are the hot new ad type, but how will they fit into the grand scheme of digital advertising? What is the best course of action to implement them in your existing paid search strategies? We’ve observed some mixed reviews about the new ad type – have you found success with them?

We’ve seen both sides of the coin. There are definitely some upsides and some downsides to the new ad type. What have you seen? Do you feel passionately one way or the other?

Join Hanapin’s Matt Umbro and Directive Consulting’s Garrett Mehrguth as they engage in an honest discussion about responsive search ads, walking through all the pros and cons and advice around using the new ad type in your campaigns.

You’ll learn:

  • How RSAs work and how they can impact you
  • The pros and cons to the ad type and how to test them
  • A comparison between RSAs and other ad formats