The Hero Conf 2012 Speaker transcripts are here! We will be posting our transcripts from last year periodically through out the coming months. Feel free to reminisce or check out what you missed!

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This week we have a transcript from Joanna Lord on Retargeting. Here’s a quick snippet from Joanna’s talk:

“So my title is called “What Is It? Why You Be So Awesome?” I always start with the same kind of two slides every time and it’s because I think this is really important to notice. Things have changed. Everything about the way people search has changed drastically in the last year to two years. It’s because this is our typical morning. We consume information at a rate that has never been done and it’s only getting faster with every day. We’re consuming information that we’re not even searching for. We are just a constant bombarding of information hitting us and we’re constantly seeing it. People are suggesting things. We go to sites. People send us links. We favorite things. We share things. This is a new landscape for us as advertisers to try to navigate. I think retargeting can be a really big piece of that.”

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