After you do all of the hard work analyzing your account, you’re going to need to implement some changes. Whether it’s bid changes, new campaigns, or pausing keywords; getting into your account and optimizing can be a time suck.

Tasks To Do Yourself

Excel Templates – Excel is a huge part of our day-to-day tasks when it comes to PPC, so you might as well accept it and become best friends. We’ve written more than one article about Excel tips and tricks. Pivot tables, conditional formatting, and other simple functions are worth your while to become familiar with.

Automated Bid Rules – If you find yourself making the same bid adjustments week after week, using the same criteria, this option might be for you.

Automated Pause Rules – If you want to automatically pause keywords over a certain CPL (using the CPL Matrix) go ahead and set a rule to automatically pause them.

Outsource To Others

Task Request Form – If you have any sort of production support team, implementation is a great task to hand off. To make this easier, create a task request form that includes key information about the account and the task that needs to be done. Also, be sure to include deadlines. Here’s an example of a request form that we use internally at Hanapin.

Outsource To An Agency

Retainers – Sometimes, your paid search team just isn’t big enough to make the necessary implementations and optimizations to your PPC accounts as needed. If you don’t necessarily want full management, a retainer might be a good option for you.

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