Save Your Precious Time: Quality, Fast Reporting DOES Exist!

By Bonnie Pogorelc | @bonpogorelc

We’re all constantly trying to speed up our reporting…but of course, without losing quality. It can be really difficult to discern which metrics you need, what data you should spend your precious time pulling, and how to compare data ranges. Luckily, we have some experts who are pumped to talk to you about how to make your reporting more efficient.

In this new webinar, Hanapin’s Jacob Fairclough and Supermetrics’ Zhao Hanbo will discuss the aspects that YOU need to keep at top of mind, and how to utilize spreadsheets to get the most out of your reporting.

You’ll get expert PPC tips like:

  • Why you should use spreadsheets over dashboarding or BI tools
  • What you should specifically report on and why
  • How setting up your reporting templates properly is the best way to speed them up

Presented by:


 Zhao Hanbo                          Jacob Fairclough

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