Search Queries That Make You Say “Hmmm…”

Sometimes PPC work is fun and exciting, and other times it’s just a little monotonous. Staring at data and spreadsheets for extended periods of time is not always how I’d LIKE to spend my day. But one set of data I don’t mind evaluating is search queries. You guys know what I’m talking about – that one (or sometimes multiple) search query that makes you say “What the query?!” and then proceed to send it to your co-worker via iChat (anybody else??). As Jessica noted in her last WTQ post, looking at search queries reminds us that there are human beings on the other side, and our job isn’t just about the numbers.

So, without further ado, our list of the top seven quirky, funny, and just plain weird search queries from July, with their associated ad groups for some context!

7.) free camo wedding catalog (Catalogs)

6.) rock for wedding aisle (Personalized Aisle Runners)

5.) can i still go to nursing school with an expunged criminal record  (Nursing School)

4.) buy bsn degree (BSN Program)

3.) my past online (Online Nursing)

2.) christian epilepsy (Christian Publishing)

1.) champaign flutes as seen on general hospital 12 22 (Wedding Flutes)

So, it looks like we have someone who wants to buy their degree without having to work for it, someone searching for their past demons online – you know, old boyfriends, former jobs, where they’ve lived…that kind of stuff – someone who believes that Christians suffer from a particular kind of epilepsy and last, but certainly not least, someone who is such a fan of General Hospital they MUST have the Champaign flutes from the December 22nd episode! Wow people…What the Query?!

What crazy queries have you found in your accounts?

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