Not all site visitors are created equal.

Have you ever been frustrated with Facebook audiences because you can’t get as segmented with your website visitors as you need?

For example, you’re advertising for a lead generation client who views users that visit their page 10+ times per month as more valuable than users who have only been on their page once in the last 30 days. Or maybe you are advertising for an ecommerce client who wants to segment users by their total spend in the last three months. A user that has purchased a $500 widget deserves much more attention than a user that only purchased a $20 widget. Up until now, site visitors and buyers have all been treated equally. But not anymore!

Facebook is beginning to roll out Advanced Custom Combinations for Website Traffic Audiences. So far, these features are limited to certain accounts. Once your account has been given access, you can follow these steps to create your advanced custom audiences:

  1. Go to your Audiences tab in Ads Manager
  2. Click Create Audience > Custom Audience
  3. Click Website Traffic
  4. Click the Website Traffic dropdown and select Custom Combination
  5. Check that Advanced Mode is set to ON
  6. Set your rules, including which device people visit your website
  7. Give your audience a name, then click Create Audience

The table below shows the different options that will be available for website Custom Audiences. These advanced filters will allow advertisers to segment audiences based on the value that the advertisers attribute to each segment.

FB Custom Audience Settings
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Do you think this new feature will be a game changer for advertisers? How do you plan to segment your audiences with these new settings?