The question, “What’s going on?” may sound a bit familiar to you. Have you been hearing it during every meeting with your CMO? While it is the main question on their mind, it may cause an internal battle in your mind. Do you tell him or her every detail of the reporting you’ve been dealing with this month, or just the shallow overview?

We have a unique experience for you. Hanapin’s own President Jeff Allen will share his experience on leadership, and give you tips on how to explain valuable insights to your C-level executive. We’ll also have Associate Director of Services Carrie Albright here to answer the questions she’s heard from clients and their CMOs and the ways she has found to successfully answer the inevitable question of “What’s going on?”.

You’ll get expert PPC tips like:

  • How to take all of your information and break it down for your CMO
  • How to explain what metrics are important during each stage of the funnel
  • What information to weed out to save your CMO time

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     Jeff Allen                         Carrie Albright