The 2019 Budget Season Doesn't Have to Be a Nightmare

By Bonnie Pogorelc | @bonpogorelc

When it comes to preparing PPC budgets, there are a zillion things to think about. Business are just way more complicated than they used to be – now you have to decide how to split up your budget between multiple brands and products, how much you should put into a lead gen campaign, how to allocate between social, search and Amazon, and try to predict the unexpected events that will happen throughout the year.

You could just go off of a formula and call it a day, but in order to have a solid budget in place you need to take the time to prepare. Join Hanapin’s Jeff Allen and Acquisio’s Marc Poirier as they discuss what it takes to create a successful budget and give you solutions so that your 2019 budget season isn’t a nightmare.

You’ll learn:

  • The most popular pain points with budgeting, and how to solve them
  • All about zero-based budgeting
  • How to master your budget for even the most complex businesses





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