We all want to be able to see the future, especially when it comes to the world of PPC. With the industry constantly changing, it’s easy to feel behind and like your competitors are one step ahead of you. But luckily, we have a panel of experts who are psychic – okay, maybe not psychic – but have been watching the trends and are excited to share their predictions for what is coming in the world of PPC… in 2018 and beyond.

Join AdAlysis’ Brad Geddes, Elite SEM’s Aaron Levy, and Hanapin’s Carrie Albright as they share the exciting journey that PPC will take in the coming years and how you can be prepared for it.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How attribution is changing, and what steps you need to take to be up to date
  • The transformation of data from machine learning to neural network learning and how this will affect PPC
  • Down the road, how will the future of PPC affect your business’s big-picture strategy

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   Brad Geddes                         Aaron Levy                           Carrie Albright