Artificial intelligence, or AI, is revolutionizing the digital marketing world from advertising, to content creation, to SEO, and more. It has been named the biggest marketing activity, projected to make the largest impact on business. 

Gone are the days when an actual human would have to sit down and handle the hundreds of minor tasks that need attention when running a business. Instead, computers can take over the nitty-gritty details, freeing up time for entrepreneurs to spend on things that truly need a hands-on approach. 

Here are some of the best AI tools currently available for small business digital marketing. 

Adobe Predictive Analytics Tool

Adobe Analytics uses AI to analyze mass quantities of customer data in order to learn about customer behavior patterns to best optimize your chance of conversions. Data is a huge part of digital marketing, and this tool analyzes more data faster than a whole team of employees would be capable of doing. The tool includes real-time reporting capabilities that refresh every 5 seconds. Faster insights mean more opportunities for conversions and greater revenue. 


Acrolinx is a linguistics analytic tool used to help content writers make their content better. The platform “reads” content and then gives suggestions on how to improve grammar, spelling, style, tone, and SEO. Bloggers can then improve the linguistic elements of their content in order to better communicate with their audience and engage more followers. Acrolinx is used by a lot of big-name companies, including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and Paypal. That in itself should speak to the platform’s credibility and effectiveness.


Albert is an AI marketing platform that encompasses a wide variety of digital marketing skills. Albert has the ability to perform tasks across various platforms such as email, mobile, social media, and more with little to no human interaction, thus freeing up your time to attend to other pressing matters. Albert uses machine learning, predictive analytics, and language processing to help you make the best possible decisions foryour digital marketing campaigns. And what’s more, the more often you use Albert, the more it learns about your business so that eventually your campaign is handled automatically on every level. 


Chatbots are AI systems that you “talk” to in an instant messenger-like format. Many businesses are already switching out their human-powered live chats with AI chatbots in order to provide faster, more effective customer service to a wider audience. They’re available 24/7, you can program them to have the answers to hundreds of common customer inquiries, and they’re capable of tracking customers’ purchase patterns and creating personalized advertisements. Businesses who use chatbots on their websites are generally miles ahead of their competitors who don’t, so this has so far been one of the leading ways businesses have integrated AI into their overall strategy. 


Crayon is an essential tool for content writers. It analyzes a wide variety of data so you can determine what topics are of interest to your audience. It does this by picking up on the “digital footprint” left behind by so many websites and then analyzing subtle changes over periods of time. It also identifies any gaps in your content, and it allows you to see what your competition is writing about. Because this tool is automated, it picks up on

emerging trends immediately so that you’re always at the forefront of the digital marketing scene. 

Google’s Display & Video 360

This tool lets you define your target audience and objectives and then it recommends strategies for how to reach your goals. It makes it simple to manage your advertising campaigns across multiple platforms, and you can use the instant feedback to make 

changes in real-time, thus decreasing the amount of time a campaign is wasted on the wrong audience or modality. 

Google Ads automatic bidding

Google Ads’ default setting for bidding is Manual CPC, but did you know there’s also an option for automated bidding using AI? It’s true that you won’t have as much control over the bidding strategy for keywords, but in return AI can detect problems in your bids that you may not have noticed and automatically raise your bid based on the actions of your competitors, giving you a much greater chance at obtaining the keywords you need for a successful PPC campaign. 

The Takeaway 

The consensus among small business marketers seems to be that AI is going to transform the world of digital business. 

What AI tools do you see as being the most beneficial for digital marketing? Do you currently institute any types of AI in your small business?