You may be thinking…..isn’t it a given that eCommerce businesses should be advertising on Amazon? While sometimes it DOESN’T make sense, most of the time, it does! There are a lot of good reasons eComm businesses should be running Amazon ads, but here are our top 4:

Rapidly Growing Audience

We know that 40% of eCommerce marketers are already investing in Amazon Ads. As the audience grows, this is the perfect time to get involved while the market isn’t yet saturated.

Holiday Shopping

Considering that the Amazon market is growing exponentially, we love this platform for holiday shopping ads. Whether you’re dealing with finding the perfect keywords, tailoring ads, or optimizing your shopping feed, it’s important to be at the top of your game for the holiday season. Learn how to better optimize your Amazon Ads for the holiday season by watching this joint webinar between Hanapin and Feedonomics.


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Platform Continues to Innovate

Amazon continues to improve their platform as they take more and more of the digital advertising market share. Earlier this year, Amazon released a number of new Sponsored Products features across all Amazon advertising accounts. These new features, which include bidding strategies, placement multipliers, and new targeting options, introduced an additional layer of complexity to the Amazon marketplace. Hanapin Account Manager and Hero Conf speaker, Tanner Schroeder, breaks down the new features and how to best implement them in accounts in this blog post.

The new Amazon DSP

Programmatic advertising is our cup of tea, so we were thrilled when the Amazon DSP was launched. Amazon is continually showing that it is the only company that will consistently compete with Google and Facebook. It’s already becoming a leading DSP. 41% of advertisers are using Amazon DSP, outperforming all its competitors including Google & The Trade Desk. Check out Bryan Gaynor’s blog post, a Senior Account Manager at Hanapin, which provides a detailed overview of the Amazon DSP.

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