News flash: a lead is not a lead. That’s right. In the B2B marketing space, it’s not about just having a ton of leads in your funnel – it’s about having qualified leads. Have you found yourself trying just about everything to gain more qualified leads? We’re here to give you some fresh ideas to radically improve your ads and overall strategy.


In this webinar, Acquisio’s Marc Poirier and Hanapin’s Kristin Forbess will bring you new perspectives on how to turn your lead scoring into actionable data, how to master ad creation, and even how to utilize a brand-new strategy to get ahead of your competitors: demand unit waterfall. Join us on this webinar, and watch your results skyrocket.


You’ll learn:

  • What is a good lead, and what should you be looking for?
  • Using Demand Unit Waterfall to find the best of ABM and traditional marketing
  • How to better write to your audience to get more clicks and conversions