PPC Hero

In my next two posts we will discuss two distinct approaches to lead generation. In this first post I will touch on how to generate as many leads/conversions as possible, regardless of where they fall in the hierarchy of lead quality (known as “churn and burn”). This approach to lead generation is much like how a chain restaurant operates: everyone is welcome, so please come on in!

First, let’s talk about your keywords. When working with a client that needs a massive amount of leads/conversions you will need to get your ad in front of as many people as possible (you’ll also need them to click on your ad and convert, but we’ll get to that in due time). To do this, you’ll need to paint a broad stroke with your keywords by making them general with a wide search appeal.

You’ll want to be at the front end of your audience’s search. Most users begin their search with general terms and then narrow it down as they refine their query process and define exactly what they are looking for. With your churn and burn clients you’ll want to be at the wide end of the search funnel, ready to open the flood gates for clicks and conversions.

Using broad, general keywords will cast the widest net, and you should make sure that your net has no holes by using broad match in Google, and advanced match in Yahoo!. Not only will your keywords be as wide open as possible but with broad match you’re extending your reach even further.

Once you have your wide-reaching keyword list built (and set to broad/advanced match) you will need to determine where your optimal ad placement is and bid as close to this position as possible. When the name of the game is lead quantity, you’ll want your ad on the first page of results. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to jockey for first position. In fact, I would highly suggest you don’t do that, but you should certainly place your ad somewhere between positions 2 and 6. And of course, this all depends on the comfort level of your ROI. Being at the top of the SERP is where you want to be, but you shouldn’t over pay for it.

You have your broad keywords, you have your optimal bid set, now you need to compose ad texts that will draw as many clicks as possible. Determine the two most important benefits that your client has to offer and be sure to highlight those. Also, briefly state an offer within your text that your audience can’t refuse: free information, discounts on services, etc. The bottom line is, whatever your audience is looking for, give it to them.

Once you’ve drawn the user to your landing page, be sure to do two things: re-state the highlights that you featured in your PPC ad copy; and keep whatever promises you made in your ad. These are what peaked your visitors’ interest in the first place so be sure to deliver them. Also, the layout and design should be streamlined and exceedingly simple so that when someone hits your landing page there is no question as to what action they should take. Users will hit your landing page and then hit the ‘back’ button if you don’t grab them quickly with easy navigation and a clear, enticing message.

Instituting these tactics will open up the carburetors on your PPC campaign and it will pick up speed quickly. These are tactics to generate a large quantity of leads. Remember, appeal to a broad audience, boast your benefits, and a great offer, and remain relevant throughout the conversion funnel and you’ll be churning and burning in no time! In my next post we’ll talk about whittling down your audience into a few, select, highly-qualified leads – otherwise known as the “high-class nightclub” approach to lead generation!