We see a high number of pay-per-click marketing initiatives being set-up and often ran in a silo, with total separation from other marketing efforts. This separation is undoubtedly not the best thing for your business. Integrating PPC with your overall marketing strategy not only helps ensure your pay-per-click campaigns reach their ROI goals and full potential, but will also boost the success of all other marketing initiatives simultaneously. One of those initiatives is email marketing.

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Using PPC For Email

It’s easy to use PPC to build email lists, which is the core of email marketing. Every PPC click ends up on a landing page, with a goal of converting to a lead. Many times, this lead involves capturing an email address.

While capturing an email address is great and will grow your email marketing, it shouldn’t deflect from the main lead goal if that is, perhaps, to make an ecommerce purchase for example. You should provide an incentive for the email address being supplied, but don’t make it the core of your call-to-action.

Keep in Mind:

  • Email addresses are normally required to make purchases on an ecommerce site, so every purchase from PPC continues to build your email list as well.
  • If you’re a B2B company or have a long sales cycle (i.e. expensive equipment) an email may be the primary lead goal, in these cases PPC may have a goal of directly building up your email marketing lists.
  • Consider growing your email lists via PPC by offering a direct link in your sitelink extensions and provide an incentive for the potential customers email

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