Using Strategic Metrics: What Matters (And What Doesn't) [WEBINAR RECORDING]

By Mark Casey | @Mark_Casey | Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing

We all love metrics (if you’re a PPC manager, how could you not?). But there are plenty of times when we feel like we might be missing the forest for the trees. And even worse, we have metrics that tell us we are DEFINITELY missing the forest for the trees at times.

This webinar features Hanapin Marketing’s Senior Digital Advisor Kayla Kurtz and Senior Account Manager Jeff Baum discussing the strategic side of metrics. They discuss how to be more intelligent with your measurements, including topics like:

  • When metrics can actually hide poor performance
  • How to make sure keywords are getting full credit in Google Analytics
  • Handling situations in which the best metric isn’t obvious (or easy)

Here is the YouTube recording of the webinar:

And below are the actual slides from the webinar presentation:

Strategic Metrics: What Matters in Digital Marketing (and what doesn’t) from Hanapin Marketing

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