Videos offer a direct and effective way to speak to your audience that no other medium can match. If you have a brand or company looking to engage audiences and motivate them into action, then rest assured that video is the most reliable type of content available. 

However, some videos work better than others depending on your marketing objectives. And, as any skilled video production team would tell you, an awesome video works best within a proper marketing strategy!

It goes without saying, then, that understanding your marketing goals and matching them to the right piece is vital for getting the most out of your video – which is why we are here today.

In this piece, we are going to go over three of the major marketing objectives and the types of videos that fit them best. Let’s get started!

Showcasing Brand Values and Building Consumer Confidence

As the saying goes: if you build it, they will come. By communicating a strong set of brand values, you are letting your audience know that they can trust your products and services. Moreover, in the age of social media, showing your brand’s human side makes it more approachable and makes people want to engage with it more.

But what type of videos are best at building trust and confidence? Company Story Videos and Testimonials Videos do just that, by putting your brand and the people behind it at the forefront.

Company Story Videos

Telling your story is a critical part of building your brand’s identity in today’s digital marketing world. If you want to develop strong connections with your audience, they need to know where you come from, and what makes you unique. 

Through compelling and truthful storytelling, Company Story Videos take care of that and promote brand trust. An engaging Company Story Video also does an amazing job at humanizing your brand, so that your audience won’t think of you as a faceless corporation. This will strengthen your connection with your clients and keep them coming back for more.

Testimonial Videos

We all know a good Testimonial Video when we see one: they show true customers giving an honest and uninterested review about your product. Keep it real, and you’ll end up with an honest and convincing tool to present your brand and products through the eyes of all the people you’ve helped. 

Customer reviews are key for getting your target audience closer to a shopping decision, especially in an online setting. When users can’t get hands-on experience with your products, hearing someone talk about theirs can be an incredibly effective conversion tool.

For that reason, testimonial videos tend to be great at boosting sales and strengthening your brand’s overall presence online.

Effectively Communicating a Product’s Features to Generate Conversions

Explaining to your audience what your product or service is all about can be a tricky proposition, but not so with video! With the right piece, you get to show your product in use and context, showing your audience the value it delivers. 

Explainer Videos and Product Videos, in particular, are perfect for that. Here’s why.

Explainer Videos

If there was only one reason why explainers have grown to be so popular in marketing, it’d be because they excel at making the complex, simple. In essence, they are straightforward pieces that answer your audience’s more pressing questions: what is your product or service about, how does it work, and why should they care.

Used to its full potential, an effective explainer video can also strengthen consumer trust, boost your online media presence. Moreover, by consistently showing your audience the solution for their specific problem, you will also increase brand awareness and conversions. 

Product Videos

These videos showcase your product or service’s features in appealing and engaging ways – making them extremely popular in the e-commerce sphere. Product videos are perfect to list the uses, specs, and benefits you want your audience to associate with your offerings and brand.

That said, product videos can – and should! – be more than just a features list. Done right, they can increase and leverage consumer confidence in your products, and move your audience closer to a purchase decision. How? Make your product the undisputed protagonist of the piece, and find novel ways to present it to your audience. “Generic” is the enemy of engagement online.

Dealing with Customer Concerns & Nurturing Funnels

Customers may have all kinds of questions about your products, and you need to answer them promptly. Otherwise, whether you know it or not, you are missing out on potential business.

This is why FAQs Videos and Educational Videos should always be part of a two-way conversation between customers and your brand. You’re helping your customers with their doubts, and you’re also providing valuable information that benefits them beyond just a single transaction or interaction. 

FAQs Videos

FAQs Videos are an engaging style that focuses on answering the most common questions that your customers (and potential customers) have. Sure, you can do that with an FAQ page, but videos open avenues for branding and effective CTAs that give you more bang for your buck. 

The key to FAQs is to pick quality over quantity. If you focus on questions worth answering, then you ensure that your piece will be relevant and actually helpful to your audience. Done right, these videos do a great job at tackling questions related to last-minute resistances that might be holding your customers back from a purchase — positively impacting your bottom line.

Educational Videos

Educational Videos are specially designed to help your audience by informing them about a topic adjacent to your products. They focus on something marketers call “pain points”: the issues your audience is looking to solve by buying your product or service. 

Educational videos present you with a great opportunity to bring new audiences in early on and guide them down your conversion funnel.

A well-made, truly helpful Educational Video will also increase brand awareness while positioning you as an industry expert in your niche. Let your audience see you as a leader in your industry, and they won’t have any doubts about choosing your product or service over your competitors!

Wrapping up

There you have it, three of the most fundamental marketing goals seen from the lens of the video styles that match them. However, that’s not to say we covered everything video content brings to the table!

In fact, as the digital landscape continues to change and move forward, a new type of video for marketing emerges every day. With platforms like TikTok at the forefront of popularity and innovation in this regard.

So, take your time in figuring out the purpose for your vid, and make sure to select a style that matches it effectively. After reading this piece, you are far better equipped to make those decisions more effectively.

Best of luck!