Whaddya'know Wednesdays: 5 Easy Ways to Get Your PPC Account Out of the Gutter

By Amanda West-Bookwalter | @Amanda_WestBook | Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Your metrics are all over the place, your goals seem far away, and you feel like your optimizations are getting you nowhere: your account is in the gutter! Never fear, this week’s Whaddya’know Wednesdays expert, Sarah Stup, is here to help! She’s got 5 simple optimizations to make that can really turn your PPC account around. So take a deep breath, count to ten, and click play to learn how to solve your PPC woes.

In last week’s Whaddya’know Wednesday, we gave you some facts on Quality Score:

Whaddya’know Wednesday 1: Interesting facts about Quality Score

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