The latest version of AdWords Editor (11.6) has been released and has a big emphasis on mobile. Google reports that over half of traffic is now coming from smartphones and tablets. So, this new ‘mobile-focused’ version of AdWords Editor is just in time for the holiday season. Hopefully, you have already made the shift and ensured your website is mobile friendly in order to capitalize on this mobile traffic.

New features in AdWords Editor (11.6) include:

  • Universal app campaigns
  • Gmail Ad templates
  • Expanded Text Ads
  • Responsive Ads
  • Device bid adjustments

Universal App Campaigns

In the latest version of AdWords editor, you can set-up a Universal App Campaign to promote your Android or Apple app. You will be able to quickly set-up a campaign and define your goals to get your app in front of the right customers.

To setup, go to “Inside Editor > Select the dropdown arrow next to Add campaign > Add Universal app campaign.”

adwords editor universal app campaign

Next, you will want to name your campaign while setting-up your bid strategy, targeting, and budget. Next, select the tag “Universal app settings” and choose your Apple or Android app, ad text ideas for the rotation, desired campaign optimization, and upload images assets.

adwords editor universal app campaign set-up

adwords editor universal app settings

Gmail Ad Templates

Gmail is another great way to reach your customers this holiday season. Now, Editor makes it easier than ever to create a new Gmail Ad or update an existing ad. You can quickly replace images inside your ad within the Editor. Some of our accounts have had great success creating Gmail competitor ads.

Gmail is another great way to reach your customers this holiday season. Click To Tweet

adwords editor gmail ads

Expanded Text Ads

You can create or update your Expanded Text Ads (ETA) directly from the Editor. We have found this option extremely useful, especially since we can easily toggle back and forth between Expanded Text Ads and standard text ads in order to grab text from the existing ad copy.

Although the deadline to upgrade to ETA ads has been extended to January 31, 2017, you might want to consider updating your ads before the holiday season. Many of our clients have seen improved CTR, conversion volume, and lower CPAs with Expanded Text Ads.

adwords editor expanded text ads

Responsive Ads

You are now able to create or update Responsive Ads while uploading images in bulk. If your Display and Remarketing campaigns are only using text, this feature is an easy way to test if adding images improves your ad performance.

adwords editor responsive ads

Device Bid Adjustments

You can also quickly edit your device bid adjustments. Easily increase or decrease your desktop, mobile, or tablet bids in Search or Display campaigns.

adwords editor device bid adjustments

Final Thoughts

We hope these new Adwords Editor features are useful for you. What do you find valuable about the new version of AdWords Editor? Share your feedback with us on Twitter.