There are many reasons why it makes sense to create new campaigns and other times when it is not a good idea. If your account is budget constrained, you may want to consider additional ad groups instead of campaigns. The one exception is you always want different campaigns for different networks. Search, Display and Remarketing have different performance statistics and spending habits and need to have their own campaigns and budgets.

An ideal account set-up is when the campaigns and ad groups mimic the layout of your website. If you look at Macy’s website below, they would want campaigns that match their top level website navigation and then each of these would have ad groups to match the sub-categories.


Campaign settings are one of the top reasons to consider creating separate campaigns, including:

  • Network
  • Budget
  • Location
  • Language
  • Devices

adwords campaign structure

Here are some examples of when it might make sense to create a new campaign:


As I mentioned above, expanding into different networks is probably the number one reason why you would want to create a new campaign. Often, Search campaigns can have spend limitations where Display does not have that problem. Plus, different networks have very different statistics that you would want to view separately.


Budget is another consideration to factor in when you are deciding on creating new campaigns. If you have budget limitations, you might want to keep your campaigns to a minimum because the more campaigns you have, the more budget is required to allow these campaigns to perform.


Geography is another reason you might want to create separate campaigns. For example, if your company sells seasonal products, like swimsuits, setting up a campaign for this product would allow you to shift your geography to warmer states during the wintertime. Another example, if you sold new and used cars, separate campaigns would allow you to control the radius since used buyers drive further than new car buyers.


Targeting by language is another valid reason to create a new campaign. For example, you could create a campaign in French and target users who have selected a particular language in their browsers’ interface. When targeting other languages, it is always best practice to create ads in the same language that your campaign targets. However, if you had a campaign with French ads and keywords you might want to target all languages for those searching in their native language but have their browser set for English.


Targeting by devices might also be another reason you would want to create a separate campaign. Enhanced campaigns removed the ability to target mobile searchers only – you can set lower default bids and then increase your device modifications by up to 300%.


It is also a good idea to create a separate campaign for your brand name because this prevents the campaign from running out of budget earlier in the day. It can also be a good idea to set-up campaigns with branded and non-branded keywords. For additional insight into this approach, check out this article written by Kayla Kurtz.

Top Products

When budgets are not a concern, and your company has 20 products, but 5 are top sellers, you might want to apply the dedicated budget to these products. In this case, you could create campaigns for each of the 5 top products and leave the other 15 in one campaign.

We have also used separate campaigns to control spend on top products that spend a lot of money but are not a top seller. When you create a separate campaign, this would allow you to keep showing for these products but dedicate a smaller portion of your monthly advertising budget.

What are your thoughts on reasons to create new campaigns? Share your account ideas or strategies with us in the comments section below, and thanks for reading!