Pat East, Hanapin Marketing’s CEO, teaches a summer workshop at Indiana University that covers all aspects of Internet marketing. A core module of this course is pay per click. In fact, a major component of the grade is the application of what they learn about PPC by creating an AdWords account and successfully driving quality traffic to a real business.

Help Us Help The Kids!

We need 8 United States based companies to participate in this program. We are looking for companies that are willing to make a $250 investment in PPC to both help a student out and see if PPC is a great fit for their business.

Once a business volunteers a student will be assigned to your account. They will spend 30-60 minutes on the phone with you and gather information about your business such as who your market is, which keywords you want to target, how you want the ad messaging to read, etc. They will then create an AdWords account on your behalf, create the campaigns, keywords and ads. And manage the account through $250 in PPC spend.

Please note, in order for them to do this on your behalf you will need to:

  1. Create a new AdWords account.
  2. Enter your credit card information.
  3. Give the student access to the account.
  4. Once the initial $250 is spent and a grade given to the student (mid July) you will revoke access to the account for the student and you can continue to run the account if you wish.

The student will be able to walk you through these steps if you have any questions. And all students will be under both Pat’s supervision as well as mine, Jeff Allen – Director of Paid Search.

If you are interested in helping shape the future of the digital marketing world by volunteering your business please contact me directly at