Yahoo! Turns Conversion Tracking Off If No Conversions in a 45 Day Time Period

“They’ve never really explained to me why this happens, it just does”, says my Yahoo! rep about my conversion tracking being automatically turned off because I didn’t generate any conversions within a 45 day time frame.

This came up about a month ago when I noticed the conversion column was missing in the Dashboard of my Yahoo! account. I knew I had not only turned on conversion tracking a while ago but you also have to enable it, which I did. You must complete both of these steps in order to get the conversion code in the first place.

I have a client that doesn’t generate very many conversions but when he does, it generates quite a bit of revenue. However, when I noticed one day that the conversion column was missing, I checked to make sure the conversion tracking was on, and indeed it was turned off…not by me or anyone on my team, but by Yahoo!

When I called my rep from Yahoo he stated that for ‘safety measures’ the conversion tracking is automatically disabled if you don’t generate any conversions within a 45 day time period. Why? I asked. He said no one had ever really explained to him what the safety measures were that made disabling conversion tracking a good idea.

I tried to think of the best way to prevent this from happening, and all I could come up with is to start generating more conversions! However, it could be as simple as setting a reminder in Outlook to turn conversion tracking back on every 45 days if you haven’t received any conversions. I personally think it’s a little strange that they don’t explain this in the Yahoo! help section. What other things are they hiding from search advertisers?

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