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Google Releases Enhanced Sitelinks

This week Google announced the roll out of enhanced sitelinks.  The Gospel of Google has long preached that sitelinks increase click through rate, and this latest announcement comes with the prediction that enhanced sitelinks will provide an even larger improvement …

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Interview with Robert Brady!

Our interview today is with Robert Brady, Director of PPC & Conversion at Trafficado, and author of the blog Righteous Marketing. PPC Hero: How did you become interested in PPC? Robert: Growing up on a small farm in Idaho I …

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Addressing the “Yeah, Sure” Response

So I couldn’t help but notice this ad on my wife’s Facebook page: You gotta admit, the bold, fluorescent green font proclaiming FREE books would grab they eyeballs of most anyone, and capture the attention of every avid reader that …

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Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love for each other, and there’s no one PPC Hero loves more than you – the loyal readers. Please accept this as his official invitation to be PPC Hero’s Valentine this year.

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Microsoft adCenter is Now Compatible with Chrome and Safari for Both PC and Mac

Whether your symbol be a gnawed piece of fruit or four wavy blocks, whether your browser be a compass or a circle that sort of looks like a Bop It Extreme, you can rest easy.  You can now log into …

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3 Fail-proof Steps to PPC Optimization

Often we are in such a hurry to start optimizing that we dive straight into our accounts, start pulling levers, and leave the office with a wide grin knowing that we did something today we can learn from tomorrow (or …

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Hero Conf- BOGO!

Bueller? Bueller? Even Ferris Bueller wouldn’t miss this one! Everyone loves a buy one get one deal…and Hero Conf is no exception! Now when you register for Hero Conf, receive an instant $100 discount on a second registration for a …

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Every Little Thing We Do Is Magic! – PPC Love Wrap Up

Isn’t love a pain? We promised we would help you show some love to your PPC accounts with this month’s series and all the TLC advice has been delivered! Our topics covered increasing CTR, uploading negatives in a less-than-friendly Bing …

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Hopelessly Devoted to Revenue: A PPC Love Story

February’s PPC Hero series has been dedicated to helping you relieve particular pain points in your PPC accounts with a little TLC. To wrap-up the series, I’ll tell you a very tragic story of love gone wrong. The story is this: PPC metrics in my ecommerce account are skyrocketing and performance has increased on every data point (CTR, conversion rate, average CPC, etc.), but my key performance indicator (revenue) is nose-diving.

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Interview with Brad Geddes

This week’s Hero Conf speaker interview is with Brad Geddes, Founder of Certified Knowledge, an online paid search training and toolset provider.  Brad has a lot of experience in the PPC industry, and we are looking forward to hearing him …

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