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AdWords Livestream To Recap Events Of 2014 And Give An “Announcment You Won’t Want To Miss”

By , Production Specialist

Tune in Wednesday, December 10, as Vice President of Product Management, Jerry Dischler and AdWords Product Managers host a 30-minute livestream to recap the AdWords events of 2014.   Based upon Google’s announcement, they will also be highlighting mobile attribution, app promotion ads, automated bidding features and best practices for 2015. In addition, Dischler will be giving an “announcement you…

Google To Do Away With “Other Interests” In Display Network Targeting

By , Production Specialist

Google recently announced improvements to Display Network Interest category marketing, adding more specific categories and taking away less detailed ones.   Starting in 2009, Interest category marketing has connected with people across the Display Network based on their interests. Since then, new and more powerful interest-based capabilities have been added such affinity, custom affinity and in-market audiences.   As these…

Bing Announces Changes to Interface, New Metric, and More

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

While we of course love Bing for its non-aesthetical properties (a wonderful personality, and always shows up to the party with a kick-butt bowl of bean dip), no one’s discouraging it from a trip to the beauty parlor.   Okay, okay, Microsoft is changing more than just the interface’s appearance, as they detailed on Monday.   Bing Ads will now…

Google: Introducing Product Ratings to PLAs

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Today Google introduced product ratings on Product Listing Ads.   So what exactly does that mean?   A 5-star rating system will be implemented, providing a graphical ranking system and review count of your product, on your PLA. Google released the following image of the new feature out in the wild:     [caption id="attachment_23211" align="alignnone" width="662"][/caption] Google asserts…

The Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts in 2014

By , Director of Inbound Marketing at Hanapin Marketing

It's that time again, PPC Heroes. As most readers know, every summer we release our list of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts for that year—it's a nice way to honor some of the hardest workers in our tight-knit community. This year's list has already generated far more interest than in previous years. More than three times as many people…

New Google Revenue Report: Does Slipping Mobile Outweigh Overall Growth?

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

At first glance, the financial data in Google’s latest quarterly financial summary look positive for the king of online advertising.   “Google had a great quarter with revenue up 22% year on year, at $16.0 billion”, said Patrick Pichette, CFO of Google. “We are moving forward with great product momentum and are excited to continue providing amazing user experiences, with…

Morning Clicks: Record Setting AdSpend, Behind Scenes at World Cup, and More

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Morning Clicks is your mid-week roundup of digital advertising news and notes. We're your one-stop shop for the most relevant and important news in the PPC world. Grab your cup of joe and come see us every Wednesday morning. When search marketing, social media, and the biggest sporting event on the planet collide. [Advertising Age] Targeting the Norwegians? You're probably…

Google AdWords Interface Replaces “Delete” with “Remove”

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Today Google announced on their Google+ account that in approximately two weeks, the “deleted” status will be renamed “remove”.   As far as we can tell, this update is primarily semantical, though the word “remove” does more properly capture the status of a defunct campaign, ad group, or keyword, because the performance history for that entity is still available.   Most…

Bing Ads Announces Keyword, Editor, Security, and API Updates

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

After last week’s steady stream of updates from Google, Bing brought to our attention that they haven’t exactly been twiddling their thumbs. Below is a list of recent enhancements to your Bing Ads experience.   Opt out of exact match plurals   It’s amazing the difference one little “s” can make.  After all, there’s not much funny about the four…

Google: Stop Losing the Forest for the…Quality Score

By , Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

In an effort to provide clarity regarding the components and significance of quality score, Google Chief Economist, Hal Varian released a white paper, Settling the (Quality) Score (PDF), in tandem with a video explaining the AdWords auction parsing process.     While there’s a treasure trove of information in both resources, Google seems primarily interested in driving home the point that…