As a business, you may not be looking for full PPC management services, but you know that you need extra eyes on the account. Below, we list two ongoing services that PPC agencies can offer.

Recurring Audit

The recurring nature likely lends itself to not only in-house account teams, but would probably have to be for fairly high budget situations. Comprehensive audits can be a bit pricier as a one-time occurrence given the amount of information and opportunities that are presented. If you look at a recurring option with your agency however, they may be able to apply some discounting to subsequent audits.

 InnerAd_AgencyLibrary200x200_12SolutionsTemporary Staff Augmentation

A staff augmentation solution is somewhat retainer-like, but it can take a slightly more involved role. Dependent on the brand or the role to be filled, the agency could even send personnel to the client’s office to physically fill in and be present for the retainer work.

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