Not every account requires the same solution, but how do you know which PPC program is right for you? Last week our team explored the topic of selecting the right agency, and now it’s time to outline more ways you could work with that agency.

Ongoing Retainer

This theme will be present a few times throughout this list, but it’s important to consider utilizing ongoing or recurring engagements with your agency of choice. Certainly this will be dependent on how much work or how many additional hands you need, however discounted pricing (from an hourly perspective) almost always accompanies ongoing relationship agreements versus their one-time counterparts.

 InnerAd_AgencyLibrary200x200_12SolutionsRetainer To Management

Perhaps you have never engaged an agency previously, but you realize that need is approaching. You’re hesitant about whether someone outside your company’s structure will understand how to drive the right performance, however you need to start finding out. Have you considered a one-time retainer to begin getting acclimated to an outside source, then rolling in to full-time management from there? This can be a solid easy entry point and can also give the agency more time to become familiar with your company and needs before completely taking over.

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Tool Access

The truth of the matter is that agencies can and do get access to versions of tools
(or prices for those tools) that individual advertisers or smaller agencies cannot necessarily get their hands on. Seeking out an agency that does have access to those tools (their proprietary tools, call tracking, landing page testing software, bid management platforms, etc.) can be a quick way to eliminate that lack of resources. As is the case pretty much across the board, this may take the shape of a single flat fee you pay the agency for just the tool, or fold it in as part of a retainer or management agreement.

Tool Setup

Paid search requires a lot of moving parts, and many times there are tools the current management could handle the ongoing maintenance of, but are unfamiliar with setting up start to finish. Yet again, you’re looking at the potential to roster on with an agency and use their expertise to get the tool or feature set-up (same list as above but add URL tagging/tracking and other similar items).