Big data is only helpful when it is efficiently and effectively analyzed. One major barrier to effective analysis is that the number of metrics advertisers want to use simultaneously makes the data harder to manipulate. Fortunately, there are tools like Excel that make this process easier and every major PPC advertising UI has an option to export data into Excel.

This whitepaper includes multiple examples of each type of analysis by using PPC-specific examples. These examples are more general for the sake of showing broad-use cases. There are hundreds of other ways to look at PPC data with a pivot table, depending on account goals, budgets, and size. The following pivot tables are meant to serve as ideas to help any PPC manager brainstorm new ways to analyze existing data to find meaningful takeaways for their companies or clients.

This whitepaper will discuss vital PPC Trends such as:

  • Working with different types of pivot tables
  • Using pivot tables for geographic analysis
  • Building the best and fastest search query reports

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