Any type of eCommerce business needs to have a strong emphasis on digital marketing in order to get the desired success in the competitive marketplace. Knowing about the massive use of social media platforms and the wide opportunities to promote your business, all-powerful digital marketing agencies give much importance to it.

Social media has become a strong platform to share your content, build links, create discussions and target buyer persona. However, besides organic traffic, it has another strong part, which can help in building your business. These are social ads.

Why Social Ads are Important?

Among more than 3 billion social media users worldwide and millions of business pages, you need to reach your targeted audience, get followers and market them. Facebook only has 60 million business pages, which brings active and high competition.

One of the strategies which help in making your social media campaign stronger is when you give importance to ads, especially Facebook video ads.

Why Facebook?

Being one of the greatest social media platforms and the largest network which has the most users, it has become the most popular place for social media marketing. As Facebook has prepared nice opportunities for your business growth, a good approach of targeted ads will allow you to reach more audience and increase brand awareness.

By integrating Facebook video ads in your marketing efforts, you will have many opportunities to get success and increase your leads, as it promises high ROI. For better understanding the importance of Facebook video ads, let us go deeper into their benefits: 

1. Facebook Users are Active in Watching Videos

The numbers of people who watch videos on Facebook is really high. We are speaking about more than 140 million people a day. Anyway if you manage to attract and interest your audience by your interesting video, you will get many shares and active discussions.

Of course, your business can get high benefits from it. Many marketers use different methods like creative or humorous jokes to catch attention. Whatever it will be, it should meet your potential buyer’s needs. Otherwise, your efforts will be useless.

2. Video Ads Increase Engagement

Videos help in measuring shares, likes, comments, which bring high social media engagement. When speaking about engagement, Facebook videos are really working tools and can help both online businesses and brick and mortar stores. With the help of high-quality videos, businesses get a chance to increase the popularity of the video, which in turn can bring you more followers.

If you keep your followers’ interests at a high level, you will manage to get high conversions and more visitors. Hence, paying attention to the reasons for sharing videos is also fundamental, since your videos can be shared for different reasons. Keeping brand reputation at a high level is important, as even a small error can harm your business.

3. Facebook Video Ads Help to Increase Brand Awareness

The base of your sales and brand success is behind your brand awareness and reputation.

Videos can help in getting desired results and succeed in your marketing campaign.

The brand awareness that your business receives due to successful video marketing can give to your business:

  • Quality traffic
  • High conversion rates
  • High revenue
  • Full product understanding.

Besides, it helps your audience trust and feel comfortable with your product or service.

4. Video Ads Grab Much Attention

A creative, interesting ads will grab anyone’s attention if you share interesting videos. Brands without Facebook video ads will not succeed in their social strategy.

Facebook video ads dominate social media marketing. Besides catching people’s attention, this type of ad can be also effective like educational tools, which helps in converting sales. What is more, if you interest your audience by your interesting video content, they will share with it, which will enlarge the viewer’s circle.

5. They are Cost-Effective

Any marketer will agree that investing in digital marketing is important, as it helps in building your business. However, depending on your marketing goals, the price range differs, even on the same platform, like Facebook.

It is a compelling platform since its costs of advertisements can vary depending on different factors. However, all types of businesses can benefit from Facebook video ads.


Video ads are not expensive and they keep longer as well as give more information about your business. HubSpot has made a test and the result shows that a video received 20% more clicks than an image.

6. Facebook Video Ads Have the Power to Drive More Conversions

A General video advertisement has the highest CTR (click-through rate). It reaches up to 1.84%, which, according to many marketers is as effective as TV advertisement.

Across all industries, the average conversion rates on Facebook reach over 9.21%.

Videos provide with high conversion rate since they are shown to real people and through interesting content, marketers manage to create emotional connections.

7. Video Ads are Great for Retargeting

Facebook video ads create excellent opportunities for retargeting your audience. The reasons and the benefits of video retargeting are a lot. It creates excellent opportunities for businesses, that is why it is a great idea to learn how to do it.

It is important to keep in mind that retargeting is a very effective tool. It helps to generate more sales keeping your brand in the center position. Besides, it enlarges your brand recognition cycle and gives an extra opportunity to remind your possible buyers about your business.


Facebook Video Advertising is a very effective marketing tool. It continues to stay in one of the fastest-growing ways to reach your target market. Effective video advertising will bring you much success and many paying customers. However, in order to benefit from it, you need to properly examine all the powerful tips and best practices of how to create effective Facebook Video ads. If you do not have enough time and experience to do it yourself, there are great digital marketing agencies, that are ready to help you in developing your business.