The Pay-Per-Click (PPC) realm is one that can significantly boost your business results, especially if you stay in touch with the latest PPC trends and improvements. Any business that wishes to build a successful online platform needs to invest time and energy into keeping on top of PPC trends, from corporate advertisers to individual start-ups.

Here we have listed Seven PPC Trends To Follow In 2022 to help your business succeed!

1. Ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence

As time passes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to evolve and is quickly becoming a prominent player for an effective PPC campaign. AI offers countless advantages to PPC marketing, from optimizing unsuccessful keywords to analyzing advertising performance.

Artificial Intelligence is not a new trend as such, but considering its ever-evolving life, the AI of today will be vastly different from the AI of 2022. Keeping in the know of the Artificial Intelligence developments and ensuring you use them to benefit your PPC is vital.

Whether it helps automate bids, provides diagnostics data, or suggests active long-tail keywords, AI is a PPC trend to follow closely.

2. PPC Automation help is coming

PPC Automation would seem like a PPC trend that should well and truly be here. However, Pay-Per-Clicks automation support has a lot of catching up to do compared to other marketing automation. The good news is that PPC Automation help is coming in 2022.

As the global automation industry grows, so do advertising automation processes to benefit business marketing objectives online. Using automation across all marketing is not a wise decision but a necessary one, and in 2022 PPC Automation will be one of the most significant marketing trends.

How will PPC Automation improve in 2022, you ask? For starters, we expect far greater support in ad testing, Call-to-Action CTA analysis, and data diagnostics, which is paramount to identifying wasted advertising and making improvements accordingly. 

3. Engage with the Tik Tok audience

Social Media has been the optimum platform for Pay-Per-Click advertising for a long time now, with Facebook and Instagram the powers of the social media domains. However, there is a new player in town, Tik Tok.

Tik Tok continues to grow and seems to be here to stay, well for 2022 at least. The engaging social media platform offers incredible opportunities for PPC marketing with the chance to engage with audiences, which may tip over a billion in 2022 through video advertising. 

And just to reinforce Tik Tok’s drive into the marketing space, it has recently formed a partnership with Shopify to streamline the advertising process for business marketing strategies.

4. Audience focus content

Here is a 2022 PPC trend that may be an advertising game-changer for marketers. For a long time, PPC advertising strategies have focused on algorithm-pleasing content with the client’s attention as the reward. However, a new approach will be required in 2022.

As algorithms evolve, they are implementing changes to enhance the audience experience by prioritizing quality client-focused content. These changes will force PPC campaigns to readdress their approach and look at the bigger picture of what the audience wants and how they wish to retain information.

In what may seem more work for businesses and marketers, it is a step in the right direction for online content and the audience that uses it, and one that must be taken in all 2022 PPC campaigns.

5. Lead tracking software to boost Google Ads ROI

Many businesses rely on Google Ads alone to deliver the optimum advertising results, trusting that the platform will do enough to provide rewarding conversion rates. Google Ads is one of the most powerful PPC online platforms and a smart investment; however, did you know lead tracking software improves Google Ads Return On Investment (ROI)

Sure, you may have success without lead tracking software, but what if you couldn’t boost your Google Ads ROI by using software that integrates with Google Ads. Software that allows you to see individual lead data and pass quotable leads back to Google Ads. 

Collecting individual data and working with Google Ads to obtain solid PPC conversions that may have otherwise been missed is an advantage that will undoubtedly be a PPC trend in 2022. Further to this, the Quality score still deserves your attention in 2022. It was and still continues to be the metric for Google to understand the quality and relevance of your ads. Although Google is embracing automation more and more each day, it can’t do much about your ad’s relevance. So focusing on creating relevant ads will not only improve your PPC performance but also helps you save money.

6. Exploring PPC affiliate marketing

PPC affiliate marketing has its downfalls and may not be as dependable as other PPC campaigns; however, there are still countless advantages and developments that will make it a popular PPC trend in 2022.

The approach of PPC affiliate marketing differs as you need to think outside the square and seek the support of less popular advertising platforms and target new audiences to make a decent revenue. PPC campaigns need to be more transparent to meet the affiliate’s approval, and more effort is required to monitor performances and optimize campaigns. 

However, it makes businesses more accountable to produce more organic landing page content, which is definitely a breath of fresh air for consumers and can produce incredible revenue income and business results.

7. SaaS Marketing

The introduction of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms over the past years has taken the pressure off businesses to select the optimum software to help their chances of success. 

As software seems to improve, upgrade and evolve by the minute, it is fair to say a purchased software can seem superfluous the day it is installed, while the constant updates can be irritating. SaaS allows a business to have the most up-to-date and effective software in a pay-as-you-go model, which has been a huge development in marketing.

SaaS Marketing has undoubtedly changed marketing strategies throughout the advertising industry and is a trend that will surely grow in 2022.

Implement the PPC trends of 2022 to get the winning edge

As PPC trends constantly stop, change and evolve, it is vital to keep on top of them, and these Seven PPC Trends To Follow In 2022 will help you do so. Some trends are new concepts, and others are familiar PPC trends that continue to grow and build.

The PPC trends of 2021 may still be relevant and effective in the new year that is upon us but doesn’t get left behind and implement the PPC trends of 2022 today to get the winning edge.