8 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Do you hear sleigh bells jingling? That’s the sound of the holidays approaching fast – are your PPC campaigns ready for it?

It’s not too late to make some adjustments that could make a big difference in your holiday sales numbers! In our next webinar, 8 Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales and One Up the Competition (presented by WordStream and Hanapin Marketing), you’ll learn tips and tricks to get your AdWords account ready for the holiday rush, including how to:

·         Build a campaign based on holiday-themed searches

·         Leverage Product Listing Ads for e-commerce

·         Use promotions and coupon codes in your holiday ads

·         Optimize landing pages for holiday promotions

Plus many more ways to use extensions, calls to action, remarketing and more to beat out your competitors this holiday season.

Here is a link to download the video file from today’s webinar recording:

View the slides from the presentation here:

Watch the recording here: