Learn how to work Acquisio’s Bid & Budget Management feature (BBM) and who it’s working for.

PPC expert Jeff Baum of Hanapin Marketing presents several case studies demonstrating effectiveness of BBM and gives you some insight into how it’s helping his agency serve their customers with greater efficiency and give their ad spend a far greater reach.

The webinar also includes Marc Poirier of Acquisio who shows you how BBM works (Hint: It’s actually rocket science — we’re not kidding!) and gives you an idea of what you can expect from the only bid and budget management system that adjusts, automatically, every 30 minutes.

You’ll find out:

*Who’s using BBM
*How they’re achieving success
*How BBM works
*How it can help your PPC campaigns

Here is the video recording of the webinar:

Here is the presentation on Slideshare: