H. Stanely Judd once said “A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there” – a statement that rings true to those of us in paid search advertising.

There has been plenty of coverage in the PPC community on how to best approach our accounts. There are tutorials on estimating budgets, lively discussions on the best campaign structure, and the various pathways to expansion. But once you’ve successful begun your PPC journey, the process is no where near the end. Now you’re in “optimization” mode shaping and refining your coverage for reach, volume, or efficiency.

In a PPC agency, we have plenty of opportunities to review accounts that may need another pair of eyes or even another set of skills. Secret Jake and I have spent thousands of hours working on our own accounts, our peers’ accounts, external account audits and retainer work. The consistent learning from all of these is that every account has something to gain.

At the PPC Hero Live Summit, we’ll cover some of our favorite cost-savers and efficiency-grabbers. We’ll also discuss how to find your best performers and those nasty little underperformers.

What You Can Expect From This Session

We’ll kick off this session by identifying low performers with a few choice reports such as:

  • The search query cross-pollution report, which compares how your search terms are being assigned to your keywords
  • Reviewing your account’s aggressiveness ratio. The goal here is to note how your investment contributes to your conversion volume and cost efficiency.
  • Incorporating your multi-channel activity into your PPC discussion. There are hundreds of ways to do this, but my favorite (and most client-facing) demonstrates the impact of paid search as a first-touch source against last-touch conversions through another medium.

We’ll discuss ways to analyze your past performance in order to evaluate your current performance and cover how to index your historical data, find the key differences and decide if it’s a temporary trend or requires action.

The session will also cover using Auction Insights to help you identify opportunities and roadblocks, as well as some quick ways to analyze keyword performance and keyword distribution in your account.

Learn how to locate optimization opportunities and make changes that deliver positive results at the PPC Hero Live Summit!