PPC Hero loves lists. And if you’ve been with us long enough, you’ll know that we release a Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts  list every year and this year, we also released the Top 25 Most Influential CRO Experts and Top Women in CRO lists. We know how resourceful they can be to our fellow readers and with the holiday season coming upon us quickly, we thought it would be a good idea to list out some of the best eCommerce experts in PPC too!

This time around, we didn’t do voting or use a formula, but simply asked our team at Hanapin Marketing (the experts behind PPC Hero!) who their FAVORITE eCommerce people are to follow.  And ta da…..a list of experts you can (and should!) follow for awesome tips, tricks, and guidance for your campaigns this holiday season. The only criterion was that the person have a wealth of knowledge in eCommerce and PPC.

We’re sure there are some people missing from the list that should be on here (and like all our good listing fun, Hanapin employees are not eligible – and just in case your wondering, YES, we do have some awesome eCommerce experts on our team). However, its a great list to get you started on following some great people and if you feel like someone should really be on here – let us know in the comments section.

 Here’s your list of Best eCommerce Experts in PPC!

Linda Bustos
Director of eCommerce Research at Elastic Path

Martin Roettgerding
Head of SEM at Bloofusion

Mary Weinstein
Content Director, CPC strategy

Giannina Funagalli
PPC and Conversion Expert at Mediagrif Interactive Technologies

Dan Barker
Independent Consultant (out of the UK)

Elizabeth Marsten
VP of Search Marketing at Portent

Alex Harris
Founder at Alexdesigns.com

Benjamin Vigneron
Business Analyst at Adobe

Lisa Sanner
VP Search Marketing at Point It

Ryan Gibson
EVP Marketing Strategy for RKG

Dave Schwartz
Chief Revenue Office for DataPop

Courtney Demko
Manager of Paid, Owned and Earned Media at Rosetta

Kirk Williams
Founder of Zato

Tally Keller
Global Paid Search Advisor for Dell

Andrew Bethel
Associate Paid Search Manager at Gardens Alive

Susan Wenograd
Sr. Manager, Marketing at At Home Stores

Lance Wilson
SEM at Cabelas

Jordan LeBaron
Manager, Internet Marketing at REI