If you haven’t checked out our article about “The 20 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords” you should really check it out.  It goes over the top keywords in Google. The top 20 keywords are insurance, loans, mortgage, attorney, credit, lawyer, donate, degree, hosting, claim, conference call, trading, software, recovery, transfer, gas/electricity, classes, rehab, treatment, cord blood.  I have several different clients that I mange their PPC accounts for.  One of my top clients we work on the “hosting” keyword.  Our average cost on that keyword is around $14.50 per click.

How Important is Knowing Tracking Everything?

Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s a ton of money per click.  We’re spending thousands a day on PPC for this particular client and only getting around 100-150 clicks a day.  When you’re paying this much for a click and you want to prove to your employee or client that you’re making money, you really need to make sure that you’re tracking everything.  For this client we are tracing everything the person is doing beyond the click.  If I pay $15 per click you better believe that I’m tracking everything.  I don’t care if the person is going to the contact form, downloading a PDF, or bouncing from the page.  You need to know everything that’s happening with that person.  I even demand that I have a separate 1800 number so I can know if the person is calling.  This will help you to know everything that is happening with your account even outside the website.  Our last campaign we spend $13,000 and didn’t have 1 conversion but found out that we had over 120 calls that resulted in around 15 sales.  This made the whole campaign worth it.  Had we not set up that extra number we would have never known all those people were calling.

How Do I track It?

If you haven’t used Google Analytics, you really need to re-evaluate your life in PPC.  If you need help installing Google Analytics or getting to know anything there is to know about Analytics you should follow this link.  This will give you every article we have about it on our blog.  Install it, get to  know it, and use it everyday.  Know where your clickers are going, what they are doing, and improve your results based on what you see.  I would also say that you have a landing page with a different 1800 number.  You can’t track people calling through Google Analytics but you should be able too with any different 1800 number service.

Landing Pages are Key

The landing page you are having them go to initially are very important to your success.  If you’re paying $15 per click you shouldn’t be landing people on your front and main page.  You need to be landing them on a landing page.  I would recommend that you are always testing two landing pages at a time.  I would give each landing page around 500-1000 clicks before you write off a page.  This can take a while at $15/click.  I always try and give away something free on the page that will give people a lot of value.  A free ebook, coupon, or something else that will help them.  For example, we give away an ebook about the “top ten hosting mistakes” that will help people even if they don’t purchase your product.  Your goal should be to sell, but if you don’t sell, you should always help.  If you help someone, they will begin to trust you.  If a person trusts you, they will come back to you when they need services.

Knowing what’s going on “beyond the click” will help you to impress your client, know what’s going on with your PPC account and help you to better know what to do in the future.  If you can know a little better your metrics, you will have a little bit more of an edge above your competitors than you have before!  Would love to know what other things you have and metrics you’re tracking beyond the click.  Leave your comments below.

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