Callout Extensions coming to all AdWords users soon? Select AdWords users have been beta testing callout extensions, and soon this feature will be available to all. The PPC world has been buzzing about this new feature on Twitter as ads will begin taking up more space than ever before:

Rod Richmond Tweet

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What Are Callout Extensions?

Callout extensions are used as an extra ad extension to tell users what features your company may offer that competitors may not. An example of what callout extensions may consist of:

  • Free Shipping
  • Customer Service Perks
  • Performance Ratings
  • Product Ratings
  • Price Matching
  • Technical Support

This list shows just a few examples that businesses can now include via callout extensions in their text ads.

How Do You Implement Callout Extensions?

Callout Extensions can be implemented at account, campaign, or ad group level. This allows you to have a lot of flexibility in your account in terms of what callouts show for what products or services, and also allows you to put less time into setting up callout extensions that you want on all ads throughout your account.

Below are the steps to implementing Callout Extensions:

Campaign Extension Set Ups

The steps above are for setting up callout extensions at the campaign level. In order to set at the ad group level follow the same steps except within the ad group you want the callout extensions.

What Does the Ad Look Like With Callout Extensions?

Below is an example of an ad using the callout extensions in order to promote the performance, customer services, and technical support of their company:

DigiKey Ad

As you can see it adds an extra line to the ad copy and makes the ad longer than before. You can also continue using regular ad extensions, allowing your ad to take up even more of the search page.

Can You See How This Effects Performance?

The answer to this question is a resounding, “Yes!” Google has created a feature just as they have for all ad extensions where you can see how your ads perform with and without the callout extensions.

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