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What: California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) goes live

Details: On January 1st, 2020 CCPA will go into effect representing a major milestone in data privacy legislation within the United States.

Impact: For brands that properly prepped for GDPR, there are likely minimal alterations to make. That said, every single business and advertiser should review the small print within CCPA to ensure 100% compliance. Although the bill goes into effect on January 1st, California AG will likely not begin formal CCPA enforcement actions until July 1st.

Google Ads

What: Google Ads is Ending Message Extensions

Details: On January 27, 2020, message extensions will be sunset

Impact: Existing Message Extensions will no longer serve and the ability to create new iterations will be removed. Data will be retrievable through the end of 2020. For those that found success with Message Extensions, consider replacement via Call Extensions and Lead Form Extensions.

What: Google Ads Extends Optimization Score to Display Campaigns

Details: Optimization Score is a Google designated grading of a specific campaign. Previously available only for Search, this feature will aid advertisers in prioritizing the most impactful options within their Display efforts.

Impact: While most advertisers already have an extensive quality assurance process, Google’s Optimization score provides a second set of automated eyes to catch those missed opportunities.

What: Google Ads Ends Support Via Social

Details: Staring January 1st, 2020 Google will end support via Facebook and Twitter.

Impact: Google has said the changes are intended to streamline the process. Advertisers needing support should navigate to the Contact Us section within Google Ads in addition to the Support Form.

Amazon Advertising

What: Amazon Introduces Simplified Registration for Vendor Advertising

Details: Amazon has changed the process in which agencies run ads on behalf of Amazon Vendors. Vendor codes are no longer needed; agencies simply need the approval of their client to register an advertising account.

Impact: Although a simple update, this streamlines the process for advertising via Amazon. Additionally, marketers see this as evidence that Amazon Advertising will continue to expand and evolve.

Quora Ads

What: Quora Ads introduces Lead Gen Forms

Details: Forms will allow advertisers to collect information from 12 distinct fields.

Impact: Lead Gen Forms have proven effective in other social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The introduction of Lead Gen Forms in Quora Ads should provide advertisers an effective means of increasing leads on a growing, high-intent platform.

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