Do Your AdWords Scripts Keep Giving You Timeout Errors?

By Jamie Newton | @jnewton09 | Senior Communications Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Do you have a really large account or an account with multiple landing pages?

Do you ever wish you had a tool at your disposal that scanned every single link in your Google AdWords account within a few minutes (and I don’t mean 30 minutes, I really mean a few minutes) AND doesn’t give you all those annoying timeout errors?


(Get these a lot?)


Yeah, so did we. So here at Hanapin, we decided to create a tool that does just that.

Oh and make it FREE for you.

(Because that’s the cool, superhero thing to do right? Right.)

But first, I wanted to talk a little bit about AdWords Scripts. At Hanapin, we utilize AdWords Scripts in almost every account we have. They free up loads of time, are easy for both our novice and expert account managers to employ, automate boring AdWords tasks, and let you remain a control freak. We love AdWords Scripts.

However, over the course of writing and using over 25 scripts in our accounts we discovered some limitations. Because of these limitations, scripts that are designed to scan for broken URLs in AdWords Ads can cost you thousands if not tens of thousands in wasted ad spend each month when they fail or miss broken URLs.


Here’s Our Solution

In just two clicks, Destination URL Checker scans your entire AdWords account and reports broken destination URL’s straight to your inbox.

Here’s how it works:

BLC_Step1 BLC_Step2 BLC_Step3 BLC_Step4 BLC_Step5

It’s easy and quick. Once you submit the form and authorize your Google account, all you have to do is wait for the report (which gets sent in a matter of minutes!). No errors, no limits.

The Quick Benefits:

  • Find broken destination URL’s fast
  • Don’t worry about timeout errors or URL fetch limits
  • Get a report sent directly to your inbox
  • Run it as often as you need

We won’t judge you if you’re doing your happy dance right now….

How Can This Work For You?

  • You manage multiple campaigns or large accounts
  • Have an ecommerce account with numerous product landing pages
  • Your account has hundreds to thousands of unique destination URLs
  • Your website is going through a facelift or an overhaul
  • You are an Account Manager that does a lot of ad testing
  • Your site has large inventory changes

The bottom line? You don’t want to waste money or plummet your company’s credibility because you had ads going to a 404 page. So take a few minutes and check your ad links right now!

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