As we wrap up the first week of the official Enhanced Campaign migration and start to gather all the data we can to optimize our accounts in the brave new world of enhanced campaigns, Google Analytics comes in to save the day with the announcement of enhanced campaign Bid Adjustment Reporting.

Google Analytics now allows you to view how your bid multipliers are preforming by device, geo, day, hour, time on site, ROI and all the other rich data Google Analytics has to offer. Once your Adwords account has been linked to Google Analytics you can find the reports under:

Traffic Sources > Advertising >AdWords > Bid Adjustments.

Bid Adjustments location

What information is available in the reports?

Google Analytics custom reports allow us to keep a close eye on all areas where we have the option to place a bid multiplier. In addition to that, we will be able to take advantage of the visitor metrics and user behavior information such as time on site, bounce rate, goal conversions and revenue data to optimize your bids.

We can now easily track data based on geo, device, hour and day of the week. By applying this report we can easily look at trends within your account at a granular level and quickly apply optimization changes to bid multipliers to head off any potential threats.

Bid Adjustment Revenue Data

Make bid adjustments based off ROI

If your account is set-up for eCommerce tracking, you will also have columns in your report for transactions, revenue and eCommerce conversion rates. Google gives the example below as an option for how to use the bid adjustment reporting based off of ROI metrics for a hotel chain:

Imagine a hotel chain has set Time bid adjustments of +20% on Saturday and Sunday after observing a better ROI on those days. Using this new report in GA, the hotel chain now observes that their ROI on Sundays is actually higher than on other days of the week. The hotel chain’s analyst finds that customers book more expensive rooms and longer stays on Sundays. Using this information, the hotel chain increases its existing Time bid adjustment for Sundays.

Posted by Nikhil Roy, Product Manager, Google Analytics Team

GA Bid Adjustment ScreenShot

Determine quality of traffic based off mobile bid modifier adjustments

Another way to use this report would be to see how mobile bid modifiers preform in relation to the quality of traffic.  For example, if you set your bid modifiers too low (-80% or more) are you getting bottom of the barrel low quality traffic? In theory, lower bids > worse keywords > worse traffic > worse analytics. The new Google Analytics Bid Adjustment Report will now allow us to see if the statistics tell the same story and be able to quickly optimize accordingly.

Monitoring and optimizing PPC accounts over the next few months as we venture into this new enhanced campaign world will be important and Google Analytics is now giving us a report that will make that a little easier.

Don’t be scared! Test out the new report and let us know what cool ways you’ve found to use the report to help optimize your enhanced campaigns.