While the reaction surrounding Google’s upcoming adoption of Expanded Text Ads was largely positive throughout the paid search community, many remained wary of how this change would impact importation and synchronization across publishers. Well fear not fellow PPC Heroes, Bing Ads recently announced that Expanded Text Ads will be compatible in their platform.

This adoption of the longer ad format effectively means that paid search advertisers will not have to juggle the old format with the new and improved. As if the streamlined compatibility wasn’t enough, marketers are likely to see increased click-through-rates and more traffic following the update.

What Is Changing?

Essentially, new specifications and alterations remain consistent with AdWords. The current 25 character headline will now serve a potential of 60 characters split into two unique 30 character titles. These will be displayed on the same plane separated by a hyphen. With only one description field already, the shift to an 80 character description comes a bit more natural for Bing. Lastly, Display URLs  will automatically generate via the Final URL with a customizable URL path completing the cross-platform compatibility.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 8.52.37 AM
Image from Bing Ads

The new “always mobile optimized” ad format grants advertisers greater control over calls-to- action and messaging while assuming a greater piece of ad real estate. The ad creation process within the interface for Expanded Texts Ads is shown below.

Image from Bing Ads

When Will Bing Expanded Text Ads Become Available?

According to the announcement, expanded text ads are slated for a Bing release by the end of summer 2016. Bing Ads stated that it is coordinating with tool providers and API partners to ensure a streamlined transition when full support of ETAs goes live. The Bing Ads web UI and Editor will have full support later this summer in addition to Import From AdWords functionality.

While advertisers with Bing Ads account management can reach out to their representative about gaining early access, Bing suggests that in the meantime marketers get in touch with their client/agency in order to optimize copy and formulate a cohesive strategy that capitalizes on the new features.