Account structure is something that we always value in paid search. A good structure can make or break an account. How keywords, ad groups and campaigns are divided and set up are just as important as anything else that we do everyday. Account structure in Facebook Ads is always a little different, but not for too much longer. Anyone, who has created ads on Facebook, knows that account structure is campaigns and ads, but soon there will be a new addition. The new addition is named “ad set”. Starting March 4th, Facebook is going to begin migrating all the ad accounts to this new structure. Instead of campaigns and ads, we will have the new structure: campaigns, ad sets and ads.

What Is An “Ad Set”?

Campaigns are going to take a step back and have a less important role in actual targeting of the ads. Facebook’s thought behind the new role of the campaign is to segment by goals at the campaign level. Whether the goal is to increase your brand awareness or conversion volume, the idea is that both can exist within the same account, but neatly sorted into their own campaigns.  Campaigns will not be able to be created without a selected objective.

Ad sets will be taking over the role that campaigns are currently filling now and should not be confused with an ad group. Budgets and targeting will be determined by each ad set. This includes any email lists, demographics or any other audience that you can target on Facebook. Essentially, campaigns have a new name and it is ad sets.

However, ads will remain unaffected. Bids, images, links and videos will still be available for each ad and their format options will stay the same. At present, ads can be created by objectives or the option is still available to create through the old ad types. The old ad types are also being taken away as part of the Facebook’s new organization process. This will go into affect in April. To create new ads, you will have to choose from one of the objectives: Clicks to Website, Desktop App Installs, Desktop App Engagement, Event Responses, Mobile App Installs, Mobile App Engagement, Offer Claims, Page Likes, Page Post Engagement or Website Conversions. 

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What Happens To My Current Ads?

Nothing and everything. We won’t be able to opt out of ad sets. Facebook is starting its transition worldwide at the beginning of next week and should be completely integrated into every account by March 30, 2014. Luckily, this rollout will not affect your actual ads. Delivery, spend and performance should remain consistent as Facebook revamps. All historical data will be saved and nothing should be lost during the migration. Even if your campaigns have ads with conflicting objectives, delivery should change, but campaigns with multiple ad objectives will not be able to be duplicated.

 Should I Do Anything?

It is probably not necessary, but why not? Facebook is moving in this direction and eventually you will have no choice to use their objectives. In all other aspects, better organization never hurts. Facebook is now letting us get organized in a completely new way.