Are you just getting started with Facebook Ads? If so, we’ve got some handy resources to help you launch your first campaign.

All of these resources are free, ungated, and actionable! I’ve listed them in the order that I’d recommend reading them.

The Beginner Guide will help you get started with your first campaign.

The next two blogs will guide you through metrics and settings that are specific to Facebook.

The third blog will demonstrate the benefits of ad testing on Facebook, specifically with dynamic creative.

The final resource is a guide that will help you advance your new campaigns by learning how to customize your ads for every stage of the funnel. 

  1. Guide to Facebook Advertising: Beginner Edition [PPC Hero Guide]
  2. Facebook Relevance Score: One Metric Becomes Three [PPC Hero Blog]
  3. Facebook Audience Network Inventory Filter: What has changed? [PPC Hero Blog]
  4. Facebook Dynamic Creative: Level Up Your Ads [PPC Hero Blog]
  5. How To Customize Facebook Ads For Every Stage Of Your Funnel [Hanapin Guide]

I hope you find these resources to be useful as you build your new Facebook campaigns and create a successful Facebook advertising strategy!