Are you tired of endlessly tracing leads from Salesforce back to AdWords? Maybe you’re not even able to trace Salesforce leads back to AdWords, but you feel that SURELY some of your leads are coming from AdWords?

Many PPCers have faced budgeting decisions for AdWords campaigns that are incredibly difficult due to the lack of lead data resulting from their campaigns. But guess what? No more guessing! Google has announced a new update that will track more of our hard-earned AdWords conversions. The new update, called AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, will measure the value of offline conversions in Salesforce that result from AdWords clicks.

Here’s How It Works!

First, your Salesforce and AdWords accounts need to be linked. Next, you choose a conversion from the variety of significant events within Salesforce, such as “Lead Qualifications” or “Deal Won.”  Every time a user clicks an ad, Google registers that click with a unique click ID which tells the website which ad was clicked. If a click leads to a form fill, the website passes that click ID on to Salesforce where it is stored with the lead information and any future sales opportunities associate with that lead. Below is a nice infographic from Google that shows the process.

Conversion Import for Salesforce Process
Conversion Import for Salesforce Process

AdWords will frequently check the linked Salesforce account for any updated sales milestones that resulted from ad clicks. The milestones you have chosen to track will be added as conversions within AdWords.

This update is not open to all advertisers yet, but will be available to everyone later this year.

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