At one point or another, we all have browsed the internet, Facebook, or any other online source and have been pelted with digital advertisements whether we wanted them or not. Most of us have been hit with certain ads so many times that we become numb to the company serving those ads. This is where frequency capping comes in.

Ad frequency is the number of times your advertisement appears in front of a user in a given day, week, or month. Depending on what is being advertised, where in the sales funnel, or business lifecycle this product or service is will determine how many times your ad should show up. This is important because advertisers do not want their ad to appear too frequently, which would cause ad fatigue. Or, if your ads are not appearing often enough, this can lead to wasted placements and a weaker level of awareness. Frequency capping is a way to manage how many times your ads appear in front of an individual.

In this new, short video on Hero Academy, Account Manager Ryan Opal, will talk you through how to manage frequency capping in Google, Facebook, Amazon Programmatic, Display, and Video 360.

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