Last week we touched on market expansion for venture-backed companies. Today, we’re going to focus on keyword expansion.

Keyword Expansion When Revenue Goals Trump ROAS Goals

Many times, if growth in revenue is trailing behind due to ROAS goals holding bids back, you need to find other ways to grow revenue in order to show investors the month-over-month growth the company is capable of having. For keyword expansion, look to which keywords are performing well in one area of an account and migrate these strategies into other areas.

For example: if “children’s t-shirt sale” is performing well in your United States campaigns, try using it in your international campaigns. If the word “sale” is working across the board, monitor other campaigns to see if you can add other keywords using the modifier “sale”.

Essentially, you want to use what is currently working and grow from there. Once this phase is over, begin using sites such as Google Trends, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Acquisio Keywords Tool, etc. to come up with new keyword ideas for expansion in order to grow revenue at a quicker rate.

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