There are several things to consider when launching an app, however, the game changes when you decide to launch a second app. If you’re a brand that is considering a multi-app marketing strategy take these things in mind.


Who is your main audience? How does it differ from your other apps? By now you should know who your primary audience consists of, and have taken your audience into consideration when rolling out updates. Similar to when you launch a multi-brand strategy for web, you have to take the same considerations on apps. Having a clear branding strategy and a distinction between app audiences makes it easier to roll your strategy. Understanding ages, genders and the interests that resonate with your audience will help you create ads with their voice.

Audience and demographic targeting in Facebook


Location is another way to further define audiences for your apps. Are there certain GEO’s where apps installs are most efficient? Don’t be afraid to test out website GEO results on your app strategy. After all, testing is part of the marketing game. However, if you are launching a new app, it would be a good idea to test the high performing GEO’s of your first app if the audiences are similar.

Geographic targeting in Facebook


You used to be able to bid on keywords with Google’s previous Search App Campaigns making app keywords bidding limited. However, you can still implement a keyword strategy with Apple Search Ads.  When you launch with one app, the sky’s the limit with keywords. However, with a multi-app strategy, you need to be more selective of which keywords will be used for each app. This may require testing to understand which keywords are profitable for each app, and which make sense to define audiences for each app.

Keyword targeting in Apple Search Ads

Closing Thought

It may be impossible to avoid competition between your apps, especially if your audiences are similar. However, by being able to clearly define your audience, their demographics, and location while having a solid keyword strategy, you should be able to start your multi-app marketing strategy.