Over the past week I have been at Pubcon 2011 in Las Vegas.  This was one of the first times that I had thought about setting up each and every PPC account the same.  I went into a session by Joe Larato about SEO and how we should process things out. I never realized what I should be doing to help my PPC clients and future PPC clients out.  Some of my key takeaways from Pubcon will help you to get and keep PPC clients.

Key Takeaways From Pubcon

I need to process everything that I’m doing. Joe Larato called this the SEO diet.  He basically went from start to finish of setting up an SEO campaign.  Although I am not an SEO expert, I do think that I could apply this to PPC.  Setup of each and every account will vary but each and every account should take X amount of hours.  After setting up the account I need to create a landing page with the client.  This will take me X amount of hours.  After this I need to check the account every day to make sure that things are converting.  Going through numbers will take approximately X number of hours.

After this you should schedule out how many hours each client takes.  You schedule out how much work you are going to do through out the whole month and times it out.  Depending on how much money you are going to charge depending on how much work you are putting into the account.

This really hit me how he broke down each account that he was working on.  He knew exactly how much time he was spending on each account.  With each and every account he said he was spending X amount of hours each week on their account.  When he signed up account he can tell them exactly what he’s going to be doing for each account.  This would help set expectation across the board.  You and your clients know how much time you are spending on their accounts each and every month.

Knowing this information will help me to set up clients and set expectations with them.  Now they will know what’s going on with their account 24/7.  They know that I will check in on their account daily and spend X amount of hours.  This will also help sell the accounts.  We are PPC experts, we know PPC better then our clients ever will.  When they know what’s going on with their account, it will help them to trust us more and give us the space that we all need.