Google is once again presenting new AdWords innovations. This time the livestream focuses on mobile and how people engage with the world around them. We have you covered as we’re liveblogging the event. Follow our updates and analysis live!

[12:20 PM] Thanks for joining us as Google releases its latest AdWords innovations! We’ll be beginning in about 10 minutes. Make sure to refresh the page often as we update our commentary. And make sure to join the conversation in the comments below, or connect with us on Twitter using the hashtags #thinkppc and #ppcchat!

[12:23 PM] Lots of speculations happening over on twitter! #ppcchat

[12:26 PM] Only 4 minutes away. Looks like Google is using #StepInsideAdWords as the official hashtag again.

[12:29 PM] HERE WE GO!

[12:32 PM] Mobile video all about being in the moment.

[12:33 PM] “We don’t look things up online – we LIVE online.”

[12:36 PM] New products and features to be rolled out today and in the upcoming months. We’ll see…

[12:38 PM] Bhanu Narasimha talking about automotive search ads. Big business seem to be the driving force of todays presentation.

[12:40 PM] New Beta, automotive photos you can swipe through while you are searching on your phone. Targeting at the research phase all the way through to the purchase phase.

[12:42 PM] Up next… Hotel search experience, research gathered through Hilton hotels.

[12:43 PM]  Click to book button. Interesting.

[12:45 PM] Shopping ads – “93% of people who research, go on to make a purchase.”

[12:46 PM] Instore sales! Twitter guessed it! #ppcchat

[12:48 PM] Stephanie Cuthbertson talking about Google Compare. Launching insurer ratings and support for local agents. Now available in California, Texas, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

[12:50 PM] Mortgage calculator on Google. What do you all think? Helpful?

[12:54 PM]  Dynamic Search Ads inovations. Crawls your website for categories to target.

[12:55 PM] Another big business example. Is anyone surprised?

[12:57 PM] 15 different ad sizes across the GDN. Ads now can be auto-resized?! Yes, please!

[12:59 PM] Google Automated Bidding enhancements up next. Bid simulations and status of shared library data. Coming later this year.

[1:01 PM]  Cross device conversions integrating with automated bidding.

[1:03 PM] Store visits with mobile advertising, more innovations coming soon.

[1:05 PM] Joan Arensman takes the stage talking about attribution models.

[1:07 PM] Data driven attribution in AdWords, Joan is running through a quick example from the interface.

[1:10 PM]  An announcement of tools from the last livestream will roll out a year and a half later… Also know as “an update on AdWords Drafts & Experiments and Report Editor”.

[1:12 PM] Recap happening now. All about “moments,” mark your Bingo cards!

[1:13 PM] That’s a wrap!

[1:15 PM] Thanks for joining us today! If you missed the livestream, Google’s summary of the event has already been published, check it out here.