Managing A _________ PPC Account

By Kayla Kurtz | @one800kayla | Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing

Our loyal readers at PPC Hero have expressed some concern in recent weeks about very specific account problems that require an “outside the box” management style. For the most part, everyone wants to know the same thing: how exactly do you manage using best practices when you’re missing an integral piece of the puzzle?  Our team realized we’ve encountered some of the same troubles, so why not share what we’ve learned with YOU?

Starting Monday, we’ll be posting our next weeklong PPC Hero Series: How I Manage A PPC Account With/Without ___________. Each day, one of our Account Executives will fill-in-the-blank with a very specific type of PPC account issue they’ve dealt with and how they manage the account despite the roadblocks. We guarantee you won’t want to miss out on this great series!

To get you so excited you can barely stand it, here’s a tiny glimpse in to our topics:

Monday: How I Manage A PPC Account With Overall Low Search Volume – Sarah

Tuesday: How I Manage A PPC Account With A Small Budget – Felicia

Wednesday: How I Manage A PPC Account Without Running In AdWords – Dave

Thursday: How I Manage An Ecommerce PPC Account Without Conversion Tracking – Kayla

Friday: Series Wrap-Up

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