The PPC Hero Summit is only weeks away and boy do we have an awesome agenda for you! Today, we’ll talk more about the first two sessions of the event.

Machine Learning in Today’s Paid World (11am-11:30am)

We kick off the event with President of Hanapin Marketing, Jeff Allen, and AdAlysis Founder, Brad Geddes, discussing the super popular topic machine learning. They’ll be talking about where we are at with machine learning currently, what is available to you as a PPC marketer, what it does well and what it DOESN’T do well (think about what AI would do with Black Friday ads!).

They’ll also discuss a question that Jeff Allen hears a lot from the Hanapin team and from clients – how will it effect you in your role and in your company?

Key questions they’ll answer include:

  • What are the weaknesses of AI?
  • Will automation cost jobs?
  • What are the skills people should know?
  • How does attribution fit into it?
  • What are people just better at than machine learning?

There’s plenty of conversations happening around AI and machine learning today, but Brad and Jeff will offer a unique perspective solely based around PPC. Don’t miss it!

Creating a Killer Paid Search and Paid Social Strategy (11:30am-12pm)

The second session of the day features Senior Account Manager, Michael Knight, and Paid Social Account Manager, Aaron Childs. They’ll go through the steps of creating a killer strategy for your PPC, including how to assess your situation, develop a policy, and create an action plan, as well as defining what is NOT a strategy.

Here’s what you can expect from this session:

  • How to define and achieve your business goals
  • Reviewing your past performance
  • Performing a gap and competitive analysis
  • Choosing who you are targeting
  • Examples of action plans for both search and social

If you just started advertising in PPC, whether in search or social or both, this is a great foundations session for you! But seasoned pros – it never hurts to go back and do a refresh on your strategies:)

The PPC Hero Summit is Wednesday, February 28th from 11am – 2pm EST and features the blog writers from PPC Hero that live, breath, and love PPC.




Don’t forget that there’s a contest starting this Friday, February 9th with the prize being a free ticket to Hero Conf!! Learn more HERE.