Landing page optimization is the key to turning the most relevant clicks into conversions. Are you struggling to figure out why your landing page is not converting? Or why your landing page on desktop devices is converting like crazy, but your mobile landing page is tanking?

In this webinar, Hanapin Marketing and 3Q Digital experts team up for a LIVE landing page audit. Along with some tips on best practices for desktop and mobile landing pages, the experts will go through a number of submitted landing pages and point out strengths, opportunities, and suggest solutions. This webinar will take place on Thursday, October 1st at Noon EST.

You’ll get expert-level CRO tips like:

  • Best practices for both desktop and mobile landing pages
  • Examples of good and not-so-good features on a landing page
  • How to define and communicate the main goal for the user

Presented by

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Ally Sabrowsky                 Adrienne Abrams                        Craig Weinberg